I am thrilled to announce the launch of the York Region PHP User Group.

The website is at Meetup.com, at https://www.meetup.com/York-Region-PHP-User-Group.

Recently, a local group trial ballooned a user group with an initial meet-up, but unfortunately that effort did not progress further (see my post at https://southlasalle.com/inaugural-php-group-north-meet-up). I was so excited at the prospect of connecting with local devs, and so impressed at the turnout of that first meeting, and so frustrated that the efforts came to a grinding halt. 

I am deeply impressed with the volunteer efforts of Peter Meth and Vic Metcalfe, organizers of the GTA PHP User Group, to be at that initial meet-up to help get the "GTA PHP User Group 'North' " group off the ground. 

When it was clear that that group would not pursue the "North" meet-up group, I approached Vic about continuing the effort. With his critical help, and with his insistence that the new group be run independently, I am now the organizer of the new York Region PHP User Group. Oh sure, Vic is so mild mannered when you meet him. But when Vic insists... https://youtu.be/2D_zITtVJGA?t=6m12s.

I still want to head to the downtown meet-ups. Well, maybe I can't make it down to all of them, but I want the opportunity to go. I assume there are many York Region PHP devs who feel the same as me. So, generally, the downtown meet-ups happen on the first week of the month, and the York Region meet-ups will happen on the third week. This month, September, it's the second and fourth weeks. 

I am an avid subscriber of https://voicesoftheelephpant.com, regular podcast publishers of 10 - 15 minute interviews with people active the PHP community. Especially in their local PHP user groups. A few interviewees have said that their biggest challenge in their local user group is finding speakers. So, they are arranging their meet-ups to be training grounds, so to speak, for local attendees to do presentations. What they have found, and what I am certain of here in York Region, is that there is a lot of talent and experience attending their local meet-ups, but it's hard to get developers to go up in front of a group -- especially a group of peers! -- and present something. 

I want to take their lessons to heart. So, the first couple of York Region meet-ups, we'll have traditional styled meet-ups. But afterwards, I want to shake things up a bit to encourage attendees to share their knowledge and experience. 

I am looking forward to meeting you! Head on over to the meetup.com and RSVP an upcoming local meet-up.




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